Fearless Women Warriors who believe God didn’t design you to live an AVERAGE life.

Our faith is the foundation of who we are individually, and professionally we are Warriors fighting for the real-life issues that women struggle with. Insecurity, self-doubt, marriages falling apart, infidelity, addiction, trauma, betrayal, low self-esteem, body image issues- those are the things Never Be Average stands for. We are Warriors fighting for the women going through the real-life issues here on earth who feel lost, broken, defeated and don’t feel like faith alone is enough to get through.

Sarah and Samantha

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When It’s Time to Start Saying No

I am, or have been at least, the queen of people pleasing. I think it’s just naturally ingrained in us- you’re either a people pleaser or a taker. Both are great qualities, both can also be disastrous. There’s this funny little thing I’ve learned about being a people...

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I Didn’t Want Children, Now I’m Pregnant

If you would have asked me five years ago if I would be here now, I would have laughed. My name is Sarah, I am 34 years old, and I am pregnant. What you need to know is that five years ago I was in a relationship that wasn’t working, climbing the corporate ladder...

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Redefining Worship

Lately I’ve been hearing a very specific calling to redefine what “worship” really means. I use the term redefine not in the sense that the definition of it has changed, but redefine as in the definition for myself. Ten years ago when I was away at college, the pastor...

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