One thing every person wants out of life is success. It is easy to hear success and think that means you must be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, own a lucrative business, or become a celebrity. True success is so much more than a title.

We believe that success is found through whatever it is that brings you true happiness. That may be living a life full of healthy relationships, pursuing your passions, making a difference in other’s lives, traveling the world, or bringing the best out in your friends and family.

Here is our list of 13 distinct habits that successful people practice. We believe that if you implement these thirteen decisions into every day that you will be well on your way to finding your success:

Get up when the alarm goes off.

Successful people believe that they have the power to set the tone for their day. They always have a reason for why they set their alarm and they know the only person they will disappoint if they don’t get up is themselves.

Prioritize their health.

Successful people understand that having a healthy diet and maintaining a disciplined exercise routine not only promotes physical health, but also mental and emotional health as well. They schedule exercise into their weekly routine, and they do not compromise it for excuses.

Work towards their goals and dreams.

Successful people have ambitions and desires that are true to who they are at the core. They do not look left or look right; they stay focused on the end goal and take action to get there.

Nurture their relationships.

Successful people appreciate the value relationships with those closest to them add to their lives. They prioritize time to spend with friends, family, and the people who matter most. They make it a point to remind those who they love why they love them and why they are valued.

Surround themselves with like-minded people.

Successful people understand that you become who you surround yourself with, so if you choose to entertain negative people you can only expect negative results. They surround themselves with people who motivate, inspire, and lift them up.

Make decisions quickly.

Successful people are confident in their decision making and they also understand that if they make the wrong decision, they will always have the opportunity to make that wrong decision right.

Follow through on commitments.

Successful people believe in the power of saying “no”. They respect other people’s time so when they make a commitment they do so out of pure desire to fulfill it, not out of obligation.

Set a plan for the day.

Successful people prioritize what is important to them and set a plan around those things to ensure no time is wasted. A successful day stems from having a goal, committing to the steps to fulfill that goal, and then following through until it is completed.

Feed their soul.

Successful people take time out of their day to invest in themselves. They understand that personal growth is an incredibly crucial piece of success, and that in order to do that, they must feed themselves with people and material that motivate, inspire, and lift them up.

Control what they can control.

Successful people understand that no one is exempt from life happening to them, but that they have control in how they respond. They do not spend time worrying about the things that are out of their control; instead they take proactive steps to continue moving forward.

Take a moment to breathe.

Successful people do not expect to conquer the world in one day. They believe that in order to reach their goals and dreams they must take time to pause, reflect, and celebrate the progress on their way to their destination.

Maintain balance.

Successful people live a life that balances wellness, family, friends, and self. They believe that living a life that fills every bucket is more rewarding than living a life where one bucket is overflowing and the rest fill up based on whatever is left over.

Choose happiness.

Successful people get up every day and make a conscious decision to be in control of their day. They understand the value of time and they have learned to always be present and live in the moment. Happiness is something that can only be truly found within yourself, and successful people don’t let outside influences take that from them.


Sarah and Samantha



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