We are heading into the weekend which means Sunday is just around the corner. And what happens on Sunday? Brunch. It is a time to laugh, reminisce about the weekend, let your hair down, and enjoy some good food with good people. It does not matter whether you have a relaxing weekend or a crazy weekend, brunch is definitely the cherry on top.

If you are not already a fan of brunching, we have some tips to help you fall in love. And if you already love to brunch, we are pretty sure you are going to agree with us here.

There are many ways to brunch, but we fancy it only one way. Champagne please!

We have 7 reasons champagne at brunch is always a good idea.

1. Bubbles make you feel good.

We all know the nasty champagne hangover and that is exactly why we opt for bubbles in the morning. You get to have that fun, not a care in the world experience, without the aftermath the next day. If you are nursing a hangover the champagne is going to help you cure it. And if you are feeling good already the champagne is going to make you feel even better. Either way, champagne brunch is a win-win for you.

2. Sunday just got a little more Funday

Let us be honest with each other. You know you wake up on Sunday morning already thinking about the fact that you have to go back to work the next day. Do not fear, Sunday Funday is here. There are two positives that can come from brunching with champagne on Sunday morning. One, you end up enjoying yourself so much that you and your friends take your good time into afternoon happy hour. Or two, you still have the rest of your day to get whatever you need to get done before heading back to work and you feel like you actually got to enjoy your Sunday.

3. You can still ball on a bottomless budget.

Go for bottomless. All you can drink mimosas for $10. I mean hello, why wouldn’t you? Yes, we are telling you that there are many brunch spots that offer bottomless mimosas for a price that is soft on anyone’s wallet. Warning: make sure you ask for OJ on the side or you are getting a glass full of OJ with a splash of champagne, and after just two you are going to feel sick. If atmosphere is more important to your brunching activities then do your research. Our favorite brunch spot is the Top of Tacoma. We’re talking $3 mimosas, just the way we like them, a rock star atmosphere, and the friendliest staff.

4. No judgment for drinking at 10am.

It is probably not a good idea to pull out the whiskey bottle first thing in the morning. But, pop that champagne bottle at 10am on the weekend and everyone else wants to join in. Take advantage. You have a few no-questions-asked for drinking in the morning opportunities: when you are at the airport and, well, brunch.

5. Guilt-free when your food comes out.

We live a balanced, healthy lifestyle but we sure do love a mean eggs benedict. So when we have been enjoying the bubbly and that gorgeous set of eggs and hollandaise sauce hits our table, suddenly the guilt of indulging is gone. Now we believe strongly in rewarding yourself, it is up to you how you do it. We have been in the gym all week, eating healthy, and all for the greater good. We’re talking mimosas and eggs benedict on the weekend of course.

6. Girl talk.

Add a little champagne into the mix and suddenly you and your girls let all of the walls down and enjoy each other’s company. A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. Brunch is the perfect scene to reminisce about your fun weekend and to share your troubles about tomorrow.

7. Why not feel sexy on a Sunday morning.

Maybe you went out the night before, and you still have the same makeup on. Your girls call you, “Let’s get brunch!” There is no need to panic, throw on your yoga pants and pull your hair back. One mimosa and you will be feeling just as hot as you did the night before. Or if you are like us, brunch is the highlight of your Sunday, it feels like a vacation. Get up, put a cute maxi on, and toss your hair a little like you are going to the beach afterwards. Once you add that champagne you feel like million bucks.

Over the years brunch has become one of our favorite times of the week. So many laughs have been shared, ideas have been created, and friendships have been forever bonded.

Happy weekend friends!


Sarah and Samantha

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photo cred: sheknows.com