Meet Sarah

I AM AN OVERCOMER. For ten years I was lost in a sea of chaos and self-destruction. My own life was a dirty little secret, it was a lie, and it was a sham.

One would have predicted what was to come once I hit my mid-twenties based on my rebellious behavior and free spirit during my early years, but after I left for college I found myself defying the odds. I met the man of my dreams at eighteen, graduated college with honors and found myself climbing the corporate ladder quicker than I could get used to the large paycheck.

All of that came to a halt when it was just months before my wedding day and my Prince Charming sat me down and told me he had been unfaithful our entire relationship. Not with just one woman, with many. My biggest concern: what will everyone think? So I stayed, and I didn’t tell a soul.

One year later I found myself right back at the edge of the bed as my husband professed he had been unfaithful once again. The shame and embarrassment was even worse this time, and the pressure to keep up with this perfect image we had portrayed won for the second time. Three more years continued of highs and lows, emotional abuse, manipulation, “working on it”, and his unhealthy relationship with porn and I finally found the courage to leave.

Everyone around me- friends and family tried to encourage me to get into church and turn to prayer to find the answers I needed to “fix” what had happened. I had just walked away from my “Christian” husband who had torn my world apart and taken precious years of my life from me. I was broken and lost, I wanted nothing to do with God.

Those next four years I found myself still consumed by a vicious cycle of chaos and self destruction.

I allowed what happened to me to control my circumstance and keep me in unhealthy relationships. I turned to a woman who became my drug and when the high wore off I found myself in and out of every bed I could find. This was when I hit my rock bottom. I woke up one morning and I decided I couldn’t live like this anymore and I had to take control back of my life. The journey ahead of me was going to be a long and grueling one, but I knew if I didn’t start making changes, my life was never going to change.

Slowly as I started to make small changes, I wanted more from my life and I felt God calling me to know Him. The more time I spent with God and the more I leaned on Him, I could literally feel the shift in my heart as I was peeling off the layers of lies and betrayal. I was breaking the chains of my past and my soul was being wiped clean.

Over the next three years my relationship with God became the center of my life and through His grace and His mercy I found healing, growth and purpose.

Today, I am married to the love of my life who puts me first and loves me the way I deserve to be loved. I founded Never Be Average, alongside my sister, Samantha Messersmith. I am also a published author, life coach and motivational speaker. I have spoken at high schools and corporate events inspiring women to unleash the power within themselves. I share my comeback story in my book Revived: Life After the Affair to inspire women around the world that there is still hope and they too can write their comeback story.

-Sarah Rusca Cline


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