Here we sit… again. S & S grace the corner bar with their presence like they are some sort of celebrity. Dressed in well thought out airport outfits, we saw your heads turn, laptop in a new fancy case, pulling out the infamous blog notebook, like you need to know these girls. S orders a 12 oz glass of wine as the other S decides a draft beer is a better choice. Let’s see who gets a buzz first. Here they are, just 8 weeks later, in the very same spot, where it all started.

S & S still carry on their typical “I couldn’t imagine life without you” conversations as the pressure of the reality sets in that just hours earlier they committed to their readers a live blog was coming. This time it’s different. Honestly, the whole airport feels different. This is where is all started, this is where a whole new bond was created, and high expectations were set. 8 weeks ago we came up with this grand idea of creating a brand that represented the two of us as one unit. What a better way than to start with a blog where S & S aspire to motivate and empower women the be their best selves through our real life stories.

Little did S & S know what they were getting in to. No reason to bore you with all of the, this shit is way more work than we thought it would be, just know this shit is like a full time second job. Now that we have the blog, what do we talk about? What is the context? Who is our audience? Google says, consistency is key. Thanks Google, you want to write this shit?

Something you should know is that S & S do not do anything half ass. Ok, we’ve committed to this, we made a promise. This is really happening. S & S begin to talk, they begin to write, they begin to create something beautiful. Ok. S & S have their first post, only 5 weeks later, let’s do this.

It’s Tuesday morning and S & S have decided to take the blog public. Everything, everything, is going to be talked about, everything is going to be public. Oh Shit… This is when all of the insecurities began to surface for S & S. This is a tell all, nothing is off limits, what are people going to think?

Stop. This is the very moment S & S are blogging about. The moment where you decided not to do something that you believe in because you are afraid of the judgment of others. This fear is so great that it will stop you in your tracks and convince you that you never felt that way in the first place.

Social media. It runs our world. It is a place where people, especially women, falsify their reality in hopes that others will be envious of them. All the while she scrolls through her newsfeed wishing she had the life of someone else…

So how do we start? How do we get people to look at our blog, let alone to want to continue to read it? S & S are business women, they know better. Start with your center of influence. That means posting everything, literally everything, right there for our friends and family to see… and judge. If you think for two seconds that friends and family are not the first to judge, keep reading our blog.

So here we sit… 8 weeks after the first thought, 3 weeks since the launch, 46,000 views later and we are completely humbled. The feedback has been an outpour of love. Social media, emails, and text messages full of kudos and please tell us more. We want to address those who have said, “are these really true stories?”, “this is too crazy to seem real”, “what happens when you run out of stories?”. S & S stay true to the promise that everything we bring to you will be 100% honest, with the best of intentions, and the stories have only begun.

Now we head home. For the first time since we launched our tell all. What will they really think?


S & S