The End.

It is really hard to focus on new beginnings when you cannot seem to get yourself out of this constant pity party when something is over. You have committed yourself so deeply to something you thought had the promise of forever that you feel like your identity is long gone with it.

Relationships, jobs, friendships; we give everything we have to something that inevitably is never going to be able to give it back. Then, when it is over, we mean really over, you find yourself in a pool of tears hiding alone on the bathroom floor. Where did everything go wrong?

You feel like you have failed. If only you could start over, you would do things differently. It feels like your heart is being ripped from inside of your chest and tomorrow cannot happen because you are positive you will not survive.

This is where you have to stop, pick yourself up off of the floor, and face yourself in the mirror. Do you remember the last time you went through something that made you feel like the world was ending? Well… guess what?

You survived.

Failure is growth, failure is opportunity, failure is a gift. We do not always fall in love to be in love forever. There is something to be learned and there is something to be gained.

Often we feel like whatever we are going through in the moment is the only thing we will feel for the rest of our life.

What if we told you that with every ending comes a new beginning. Not a redo of the past, believe us, it will never work. We mean a new chapter, a new life, a new sense of living. Everything in your past has been preparing you for this moment.

Take a breath. No really, breathe. You have so much anxiety built up at the thought of starting over. We’re not just talking about just relationships; we are talking about everything in your life: jobs, friendships, family, and resolutions.

Look around you. Look at all of the pain you have seen, all of the heartache, and all of the damage. Now, remember all of the people who have ended relationships and found success, fallen in love again, and found happiness again.

You are not stuck.

Do you remember the conversation when you could not believe so and so were breaking up, or the one where you could not believe those two weren’t friends anymore? Do you also remember your next conversation when you could not believe how happy that person seemed now?

You see, no matter where you are in life or the pain that you have experienced, you are not stuck, you have the ability to change. If you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose. Go find it. Do not be limited by the idea that you can’t, be empowered by the knowledge that you can, and you will.



Sarah and Samantha

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