I was having lunch with a friend this last weekend and it was pointed out to me that sometimes when I receive a compliment, I follow it up with “Thanks- BUT…” and honestly, I don’t mean to respond this way. I’m thankful for the compliment, but sometimes (OK more often than I would like to admit) my accomplishments are never even good enough for me. There is always something more I want to achieve so my focus goes straight there.You know what I’m talking about, that moment when you’ve been working really hard to lose weight and when you see your girlfriend she tells you how amazing you look. Thanks, but I still have five more pounds to go. It’s annoying to be honest, sometimes I feel like screaming, Shut up Sarah and take the compliment!

It’s like, as women, it’s ingrained in our DNA. There’s no opt-out option, we’re cursed from day one. We can be our worst critics, or better yet, we are. I am so guilty of this. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the pressure to keep up that I completely lose sight at how far I have come. Lately, maybe it’s because of the pressure of the holidays, but it seems like I am struggling with this even more.

A little hypocritical? I know.

On top of all of that I preach self-love (because I BELIEVE in the power self-love), I am a self-love Warrior, my business is built on LOVE, and yet sometimes I can be my worst enemy. A little hypocritical? I know.

We live a world where there is this glorified expectation of perfection constantly staring us in the face everyday, and we don’t even have to get out of bed before it starts. It used to only be beauty magazines and actresses on TV. Now it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and every other social media platform within just a touch of a phone screen. It’s crazy because we used to compare ourselves to our social circle and that was pressure enough, now it’s the entire world.

I am not one for negativity- I have worked really hard to remove anything that makes me feel negative out of my life, yet I still find myself deeply entrenched on the explore page, then scrolling through some gorgeous Australian beauties feed which is filled with yachts, beaches, champagne and perfect bodies. I even find myself lost on the page of a mom whose entire life looks straight out of a Good Housekeeping Magazine, leaving me feeling like I have a lot to live up to. And this is all before 7am. Right before I am going to get up, walk around my 650 sqft apartment, make coffee out of my $6.99 coffee pot, and head to my apartment gym just in hopes to get a tighter bottom half. Ughhh

But this is what we do, right? Okay, well this is what I do. Join me in the honestly if you want to, but I know I am not alone in this.

You’ve heard it before- comparison is the thief of joy. With my clients we go through every social media account/subscription they have and together remove the people and the pages that drag them down and add pages that motivate, inspire, and lift them up. Like I said above, I’ve done this with my own social media, with everything I look at. I’ve done all of it- so how do I keep finding myself scrolling deep through the luxurious life of the bikini models wondering how I got the short end of the stick? Well, because I am human, same as you.

My life may not look like it’s fresh off of a Pinterest Lifestyle board, my apartment may be small and I may have a Charlie Brown tree for Christmas this year, but my life is full.

What I hope to share with you today by being vulnerable and honest in my own weaknesses is that we’ll never find happiness in the life we wish we had. Happiness comes from finding joy in the life you already have. When I catch myself comparing my life to someone else’s I quickly remind myself of all of the blessings I have that no one else may see. My life may not look like it’s fresh off of a Pinterest Lifestyle board, my apartment may be small and I may have a Charlie Brown tree for Christmas this year, but my life is full.

It’s really hard especially during the holiday season not to compare yourself to others. Trust me, I know. I hope to encourage you today to find the blessings around you, from big to small- even the ones you may not have noticed were there. At the end of the day I may have a Charlie Brown tree, but I have a Christmas tree, right? A tree I get to light up my home with every night, the love of my life on the couch next to me, and the whole world in front of me.

So Join me! Let’s ditch the things that steal our joy, and count our blessings together this holiday season!




Sarah Rusca Cline founded Never Be Average alongside her sister Samantha Rusca Messersmith. They are published authors, relationship experts, life coaches, and public speakers who are helping women around the world write their comeback story. Through their faith in God, their book Revived: Life After the Affair and their website Never Be Average they motivate, inspire, and provide tools for women to unleash the power within themselves. You can also find them places like Mind Body Green and The Good Men Project.