There’s something we’ve been keeping from you and we know that we cannot move forward without being honest.

We have been building Never Be Average for over two and a half years now. We’ve written over 90 advice columns for our own website, over 40 advice columns for large publications, we’ve interviewed on over 30 podcasts, spoke at over a dozen women’s events and self-published two books. But we left out one big part in our messaging to you– God.

     Today God is being removed out of schools, businesses, and even the foundation that the United States stands on. Here we were trying to build a new business- how could we possibly talk about GOD? How could we stand up and say God is the center of our business and expect to actually build an audience? The politics of high school don’t end after the twelfth grade. You are who you associate yourself with and if you’re not with the cool crowd you may as well count yourself out of the running. Sex sells, popularity sells, greed sells- God doesn’t sell.

We have been hesitant to this point to bring our faith into our message because we didn’t want to limit our audience. We didn’t want to drive away the woman who wasn’t a believer, but still needed our help. We didn’t want to drive away the woman who felt burned by religion, but desperately needed hope. We didn’t want to drive away the woman who felt like God wasn’t for her, but still felt like the entire world was against her. We feared that if we vocally put God at the center of our work that we would place a Scarlet letter on our backs and close ourselves off from opportunities in the future.

We also didn’t want to lose our transparency. If we were to include our faith in our message we knew that there would be mass criticism and judgement because the topics we talk about aren’t politically correct, or what many Christians would deem “appropriate”. From day one we have promised to be one hundred percent real, raw and honest with you. That means we cover topics that don’t always feel good- we dive into the dirt, dig up the skeletons, get messy and embrace the taboo. These topics may not align with traditional “Christian” values, and that’s ok with us. We feel called to break the mold, push the barriers and help women rise above everything in their life that is holding them back. Most often, that doesn’t look like the perfect picture.

In a lot of our work- blogging, speaking engagements, life coaching- we talk about our experience and advice through overcoming trauma, breaking free from pain and regret, conquering fear, not being defined by your past, etc… but we left out the most important piece. The reason we were able to do all of those in the first place. Our faith.

“I remember when I hit the lowest point in my life. I will never forget. I had just left my “Christian” husband after years of infidelity, manipulation and emotional abuse. Everyone in my life- friends and family came to me trying to get me to just turn to God and pray and then He would fix everything. I was broken and destroyed, the last thing I wanted to hear about was God. If He loved me so much, how could He have allowed me to get here? What I needed was support from people who had been through what I had been through. Support to find healing and pick up the pieces. At that time in my life, I needed someone who understood.” -Sarah

At Never Be Average, we are not guided by religious rules or religious ideas. We don’t offer the fluff- Life is so much more complicated than that. The one thing we feared most about including our faith in our business was that women would not want to come to us for advice worried that we would guide them to find solution solely through quoting bible verses and prayer.

Yes, our faith is the foundation of who we are individually, but professionally we are Warriors fighting for the real-life issues that women struggle with. Insecurity, self-doubt, marriages falling apart, infidelity, addiction, trauma, betrayal, low self-esteem, body image issues- those are the things our business stands for. We are Warriors fighting for the women going through the real-life issues here on earth who feel lost, broken, defeated and don’t feel like faith is enough to get through.

So WHY talk about our faith now?

Until writing Revived: Life After the Affair, which released on November 1st, we have been very quiet about our faith. We didn’t want to stand behind God, we wanted to stand in front of Him. And by that we mean we didn’t want to come out as Never Be Average and say you should follow us because we are believers. We wanted to earn the right to be heard, the right to say “we’ve been there”.

When we decided to write Revived, a real-life redemption story, we committed to write with complete authenticity. What happened was even when we got to the third part- the part that shares Sarah’s real experience with finding God- we were challenged by someone else to minimize the faith in the message so that we wouldn’t limit the audience (our exact fear in the beginning) and it was then that we realized for the first time that is exactly who we are.

We are Women of Faith and that is what has been missing from our voice.

We had taken a break from writing advice columns on our site to solely focus on writing Revived. After we finished the book we went back to writing for our own website and other publications and the fun and the passion wasn’t there anymore. We found ourselves having to dumb down the truth behind our message and we could only touch topics at the surface in order to “fit in” or be socially acceptable. We were becoming just like everyone else and that was never the goal.

It was during the first few weeks after releasing Revived and the immense amount of affirmative feedback we received that we had our breakthrough. It was clear to us that now is the time to put all of the truth behind our message. We are women who help other women write their comeback story through our own experiences and our own advice and we would be lying if we didn’t include our faith as the foundation of hitting rock bottom and getting back up.

To be entirely honest, throughout our individual journeys and our experiences, some of the darkest moments in our life- faith was not in the middle and sometimes didn’t even exist. Those are the moments that are real, honest and raw. Moments filled with pain, heartache, and devastation. The moments that brought us to our knees. Those are the moments we never would have been able to overcome if it wasn’t through God’s love, grace, and hope.

We know that we are not for everyone. We also know that by bringing God into our writing- some will like our position, and some may not. There will be people who disagree with our message because it doesn’t align with their religious beliefs, and that’s ok. From the beginning, we have said we aren’t here for popularity, we are here for purpose, and that’s still the truth. And today, we lay it all out there.

We are not “Christian bloggers” and we don’t want to be labeled as that. We are Women of Faith, and our advice is based on our own experiences guided simply through love, hope, and grace.

Going forward our writing may look a little bit different, but our message will still remain the same: Every woman can write her comeback story, and you have the power within yourself to design the life that you want to live.

Lastly, there’s nothing we love more than hearing from you. So if you love something, tell us! And if you hate something, tell us, too! We want our site to be a place that you are excited to visit- a place where you can learn, feel inspired, and find hope.

We are excited to have you all along for this new journey. We have never felt more encouraged and alive- and we can honestly say it’s because of you!

With LOVE,

Sarah and Samantha