This time of the year should be full of excitement. Holiday parties mark their spot on your calendar every weekend, work is a breeze because even your boss is distracted by the seasonal festivities, and everyone seems to have found their holiday cheer. The streets are lined with street lamps covered in flashing lights, holiday music fills every shopping center, and the giving spirit becomes contagious.

You, on the other hand, might be feeling a little more bah humbug this holiday season. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and as the pressure of a New Year approaches you cannot help but dwell on the things that did not work out for you this year.

The worst thing we do is start comparing ourselves to everyone else. The holidays suddenly make you feel like you are in a race to the finish line, everyone is ahead of you, and you can barely catch your breath. Whether you are struggling with your relationship, finances, identity, career, family, or friendships, every issue seems to be highlighted at the end of the year.

This time of the year imports a lot of silent pressure to have something to show for yourself by year-end. You feel like the as end of the year closes the door shuts on any of your worked up potential and kickoff January 1st you have to start all over again. Even worse, if you didn’t feel behind enough already, the holiday season is a constant reminder of your failures in life.

The truth is that the only thing dragging yourself down this holiday season is you. You can keep hanging out with Scrooge and allow him to steal your joy, or you can find your happiness and end this year on a high note.

It is time for you to enjoy the holiday season right where you are, and here’s why.

Everything is not always as it seems.

Happy couples, fresh engagements, baby announcements, job promotions, new cars, and big fancy houses will fill your news feed more than ever before during the holiday season. At family gatherings nothing is off-limits and everyone will be asking you about all of the things you do not want to talk about: your latest breakup, why you have not gotten that promotion, how your cousin just bought a bigger house, or the noticeable distance between you and your husband. You will not be able to escape it at work either, you had a rough performance year and everyone else is sharing their big plans for their holiday bonus.

You have to understand that people do a great job at only presenting their best filtered life, especially during the holidays. When you allow yourself to be consumed with a snap shot of everyone else’s happiness you take away from your own. Take the pressure off yourself to compete with everyone else and remember everything you have to offer. The holidays are for celebrating and you still have a lot to celebrate.

You were created to live your life.

There is no one else in the entire world that will ever have your DNA. Too often we waste so much time worrying about what everyone else is doing and trying to keep up. You were not designed to live the same life as everyone else. We always say, “If you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose.” No one else is going to find that for you, or fulfill it for you.  You have to give yourself a break and get back to what truly makes you happy, and do not let yourself get in the way.

Things may not have happened on a timeline of what society raised you to believe is right, and that is because your best life does not come with everyone else’s checklist. If you are feeling behind this holiday season take a moment to sit back and look at everything you have to be grateful for. To start, you are still here. You may not have discovered them yet, but you have gifts and talents that can change the world. You have the power to create the life you desire.

Your situation is only temporary.

Nothing in this world is forever. Often we get caught up in the struggle of “right now” and convince ourselves that nothing is ever going to change. The chapters in our lives are meant to teach us something to prepare us for what is next. When you allow yourself to learn and live in the moment, you become content where you are.

There is a season for everything in your life and it is important to understand what your season is and why you are in it. Take a look back at how far you have come. There will always be set backs, obstacles, and unexpected detours. No one is exempt from the hard times. Once you come to peace with that, you will be more appreciative and grateful for where you have come from and the lessons you have because of it.

Tomorrow is never promised, regardless of where you are at in your life. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day. We may not all have the same resources, finances, or networks as others do, but we all have the power within to create our own happiness. Take time during the holidays to do some reflecting over what you really want out of life, make it a point to enjoy the blessings around you, and get excited for the season in front of you.


Sarah and Samantha

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