One year, twelve months, fifty two weeks, three hundred and sixty five days.

One year ago we got on a jet plane to California for our Aunt and Uncles 50th birthday party. That flight would change our lives forever.

You can find the full details of that day in one of our first posts, So What Now; but long story short, on that plane flight we decided that we were meant for something greater. That weekend we came up with the concept, I’d never just be average.

We flew back to Seattle with a new fire in our hearts and a mission in our soul. Several long nights and bottles of wine later we decided to start a blog.

Well, here we are one year later, and as we sit and reflect over the last year we wanted to share this moment with you. We promised from the very beginning to be open, honest, and raw. We promised to take all of the limits off to create a safe place where women could come and be accepted as the most naked version of themselves. We promised a place of no judgment and no criticism. We promised a place where you would find real stories about the things that go on behind closed doors to promote a bond of support and compassion for one another.

What we had never planned on was the incredible growth the two of us would experience by fulfilling all of those promises. Every post and every video was like our own personal therapy session. If we were going to write about these things and give advice we had to be implementing all of it into every area of our lives.

When we started this we did not have the resources or the experience. We created a low scope website with a domain too long for anyone to ever remember (, and a character drawing of ourselves sitting in martini glasses because we were not really ready to put our faces to the stories. But, we had a gift. We had a way with words and a sudden fire burning passion for change. So we went with it.

After few months of consistent posting and killer views God opened the door for us to meet with two women who helped us to narrow our vision, our message, and our purpose. We evolved our brand and our website into something that would be memorable. And so was born, Never Be Average. A website to inspire women to Be Strong, to Be Brave, and to Be Courageous.

In the beginning it was the views and the support that told us we were doing something right and encouraged us to keep going. We needed something tangible to validate our progress. Today, it is not about the views, the likes, or the following. It is the learning to live out our own messages. We have had so much growth in every aspect of our life through having faith that this is our purpose, having honest conversations in our relationships, facing the things in our family that had been brushed under the rug for years, holding ourselves accountable to the type of friend we are, expecting the same in return, and waking up every day with a commitment to ourselves to face adversity head on and become better women because of it.

We are our website, we are our posts, and we are our videos. No moment is wasted, no feelings are forgotten, no weakness is ignored, and no voice is unheard.

Today we are overwhelmed and humbled by our journey. We sit here with an undeniable confidence that everything in our lives has brought us to this very moment. It is not coincidence, it is not luck, it is purpose. Our vision is big, our dream is fueled by faith, our passion is unshakable, and we know that every day we get up is one day closer.

This is only the beginning.

Now we celebrate, cheers!

Sarah & Samantha