Today, Never Be Average released a new book Revived: Life After the Affair.

REVIVED has been in the works for over two years and it is NOW AVAILABLE here on Amazon!


For the first time ever, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, and co-founder of Never Be Average LLC, Sarah Cline shares her memoir of the last decade of her life, from being trapped by betrayal, lies, and secrets to finding herself and redemption. Her story is about a woman who once had it all: the cars, the house, the toys, the lavish vacations, and the husband… oh yes, the husband. Until she didn’t. Her life seemed perfect from the outside until one day her world shattered into a thousand pieces and she couldn’t tell a soul. Sarah takes you behind the scenes to what happened that dreadful day and the years of destruction and chaos that would follow, including secrets and lies that most people would take to their grave.

After hitting ground zero Sarah found herself at a crossroad ready to let go of her past that controlled her for so long. She describes the journey of her addiction to chaos in gripping detail, sharing the brutal decisions she made handcuffed by shame, and takes you along with her as she finally decides to break the chains and take control back of her life. Her compelling expedition to fall in love with herself and find hope again will leave you feeling inspired to write your own comeback story.



SNEAK PEAK excerpt from Ch 4: 

     I cried myself to sleep the night before the wedding and as the tears quietly graced the edge of each cheek I fantasized about leaving him. I imagined what it would be like to erase the last five years and start over. Every ounce of my core wanted to go wake everyone up and call it off. I spent the rest of that entire night drifting off back and forth between misery and fantasy until I finally fell asleep.

The morning of my wedding day arrived and, as the sun hit the window, I could just barely open my eyes. I quietly got out of the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom to see the damage I had done to my face before anyone knew I was awake. God help me. I caught my reflection in the mirror, and by some miracle, I couldn’t even tell I had been crying. My worst fear in that moment was walking into a room and having everyone ask me what was wrong. I had no choice at this point, I was too far in. I couldn’t run and I couldn’t let on that anything was wrong. I had to fake a smile and pretend like this was the best day of my life; fortunately I already had weeks of practice.

I could hear laughter in the kitchen and the smell of fresh pancakes lingered through the crack in the doorway. This was the day I had been dreaming of my whole life and it was finally here. I should have been full of nerves, excitement, hope, anticipation, and emotion. Instead, I felt nothing. I crept back into the bedroom where I took a deep breath and got myself ready to face everyone. Sarah, what are you doing? It’s now or never. My thoughts overwhelmed me as I struggled mentally to put on my “Bride” tank top, but the day had to go on.

I entered the kitchen where the table was lined with mimosas overflowing with bubbles, platters full of fruit fresh from the market, and so many friends and family. So many people. I knew I needed to get something in my stomach before everyone started in with their high expectations for my reaction so I kept my head down and made a quick dart for the table. The first thing I heard was, “She’s up!” I lifted my head forcing my smile to grow as big as I could get it in an effort to avoid any questioning before I finally reached the audience. One small feat at a time Sarah, you can do this. The room was filled with smiles that radiated from ear to ear, happiness seemed to be flowing profusely out of everyone’s mouth and my mom could not stop, “The day is finally here!”

So I went along with it. I reminded myself that there was no one who knew the truth behind it all and there was no way I was going to disappoint them now. After a couple of mimosas and a little liquid courage, I cleared my throat out loud and asked everyone for their attention. The room became so quiet you could hear a needle drop. Gulp. I raised my glass high and tilted it towards the crowd, “Let’s make a toast. Here’s to the best day of my life.”

I knew it was time to head to the church. My hair and my makeup were the epitome of perfection, everything I had always pictured. My dream dress fit me like a glove and I looked like Cinderella heading to the ball. I took a moment to look in the mirror and I saw everything I had always imagined, even better, but there was just one piece missing. The girl from my dreams; the happy, strong and brave girl. She wasn’t the one in front of me wearing that dress. Instead, I saw a broken, sad, and lonely girl wearing my dress that so eloquently covered her scars. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I looked her in the eyes. Oh Sarah. I stepped back, took a deep breath and I closed my eyes, releasing the girl from my dreams. There was no place for her anymore. I knew she was never coming back. My sister grabbed my shoulder, “Sarah, are you ready?” No, no, not yet. My soul begged for more time but there wasn’t any left. I opened my eyes and placed my hand over my chest as I caught my breath, “Yes, let’s go.” She smiled at me and took my hand, “It’s time.”