For many the New Year comes with new goals, new ideas, and a new you. We spend the last month of the year reflecting on the missed opportunities and decisions we could have made differently this year while making a pledge to ourselves that this next year we are finally going to accomplish that New Year’s resolution.

The thought of a new year brings hope for the chance to start over. It breathes life back into the promise of a better tomorrow. You find your belief again that anything is possible.  Maybe it is as simple as losing ten pounds, getting a promotion at work, or quitting a bad habit. Maybe your dream for the next year is as bold as finding a soulmate, traveling the world, or changing a life.

Whatever it is that you hope for in the New Year it is important to have goals, dreams, and ambitions; those are the things that keep you moving forward in life. Unfortunately, what holds a lot of people back is that they allow themselves to get in their own way.

We believe that you can make 2016 your best year yet, but there are seven things you must leave behind.

1. Regret.

Too often you feel like if only you could have done things differently, if only you tried a little bit harder, or if only you had spoken up about the way something made you feel, then life would be better. You carry this burden of “if only” into the New Year and it holds you back from moving forward. You cannot go back and change the past, but you can control what you do differently now. Don’t beat yourself up over could have or should have, instead, focus your time and energy on what you can do today to get where you want to be tomorrow.

2. Excuses.

Excuses are the easiest way to prevent yourself from living the life you want to live, they are only lies you convince yourself are the truth. There will always be an excuse for why you don’t have time to do something, why you respond a certain way to something, or why you haven’t been a good friend. What you have to understand is at the end of the day you are only accountable to yourself. When you make excuses you are only stealing joy, opportunity, and happiness from yourself.

3. Failure.

You are not always going to make the right choices or do the right thing. No one is perfect. What you do have the ability to do is make those choices and decisions right afterwards. Sometimes we fail because we are not ready or prepared for the opportunity we are looking for. Instead of allowing failure to drag you down, use it to motivate and inspire you to grow.

4. Resentment.

It is not always easy to forgive and move on when you are hurt and feel you have been wronged. The problem is that when you hold onto resentment it steals so much time and energy from you and not the other person. Forgiveness is for you, not for the other person. It is not easy to work through resentment but if you take that time and energy you have been spending on drowning yourself in your own self-pity and turn it into motivation to heal, you will move forward.

5. Judgement.

It is really easy to think we know how to live everyone else’s life better than they do. What happens with judgement is you allow yourself to spend time worrying about what someone else is doing instead of watering your own grass. Every person is designed with a unique and individual purpose and it is not your responsibility to figure out someone else’s, your happiness will come from finding your own.

6. Obligation.

A sense of obligation to others will quickly set you back in your pursuit to fulfill your hopes and dreams. This may be a sense of obligation to family, friends, children, significant other, work, etc. It is important to do things for others, but not at the cost of taking care of yourself. Relationships are a privilege, not a right, so be sure that when you are prioritizing your time for someone else it is because they have earned it, not because you feel obligated.

7. Comparison.

If you are looking for something that easily steals your joy, comparison is it. With social media being a large consumption of our day, it is really hard not to see what everyone else is doing and feel like you are behind. It is important to understand there is a season for everything in your life, and it is a good thing if your seasons doesn’t look like everyone else’s. There is no one in the entire world who will ever have your DNA, and the greatest gift you can give yourself is to honor the exquisite makeup of your mind, body, and soul.

Let 2016 finally be the New Year, New You. When you remove the negative influences in your life, such as the seven behaviors above, you open the door to endless possibilities.

Cheers to YOU winning this year!

Sarah and Samantha


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