January 1st, the same day every year, we all put ourselves back into the drivers seat and become a born again hopeless romantic of change. It is exhilarating, it is exciting, and it should be.

We want you to win, you really want to win. What is your plan? You are in the same environment, without removing what held you back the year before with the same resolution. We literally have the ability to foresee the future. We know the roadblocks, we know the obstacles, we know the temptations like the back of our hand. The same things that failed you last year are going to be the same things that fail you this year unless you do something differently.

What are you really looking at? Look deep into your reflection. What are you going to do different? You have the same gym membership you did last year, the same unread books on your shelf, the same daily planner with a new year on it.

Let’s get real. There is so much fluff out there for you to follow: 5 steps towards a healthier lifestyle, 10 tips on how to have a better sex life, 8 qualities of a person who succeeds at his job. No matter what you are trying to achieve there is an article out there full of quick fixes to help you do it. Let’s be honest, if life is full of quick fixes, what would we need a New Year’s resolution for?

We mean it, what are you going to different?

Ask yourself: what is distracting you? Who is sitting at your front row table? Who would you cross an ocean for that wouldn’t even jump over a puddle for you? Who are you following on social media that inspires you, and who are you following that drags you down?

You are in control of what you see and what you don’t see, who you allow in and who can watch from afar.

Really ask yourself: who and what is ripping the joy from your life? Now is the time to question, really question who is sitting at your table that encourages and motivates you to reach the finish line verses who is sitting at your table that gives you every excuse the finish line is too far?

We live in a world where we fear removing people from our lives because we are afraid of offending them. In reality, we only end up offending ourselves. We put other’s insecurities, selfishness, and feelings over our own goals, ambitions, and resolutions.

We are not talking about living selfishly, we are talking about living selflessly. Beginning with you. You cannot expect to live a positive life with negative influences. It literally cannot happen.

So we ask you again, what are you going to do different?

New year, new you.

Sarah and Samantha

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photo cred: renters.apartments.com