Fearless Women Warriors who believe God didn’t design you to live an AVERAGE life.

Our faith is the foundation of who we are individually, and professionally we are Warriors fighting for the real-life issues that women struggle with. Insecurity, self-doubt, marriages falling apart, infidelity, addiction, trauma, betrayal, low self-esteem, body image issues- those are the things Never Be Average stands for. We are Warriors fighting for the women going through the real-life issues here on earth who feel lost, broken, defeated and don’t feel like faith alone is enough to get through.

Sarah and Samantha

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Finding Joy in a Season of Struggle

It’s been interesting, to say the least, becoming a mom. I’ve been through many challenges in my life thus far, but parenthood is a whole new ball game. There’s a very specific reason why, it’s not just about me anymore. I am now responsible for a life. Not just...

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Learning to Love My Enemies

Okay sister warriors, I’m going to be totally transparent with you guys. This article is really hard for me to write. Even though I have worked really hard the past few years to forgive those who have hurt me, spread kindness to those who are against me, and even...

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