“Sarah’s story is raw and transparent. It’s so refreshing to read the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyone’s story is like this in some way, and Sarah puts hers on the page. It’s a juicy and fun read, while being honest about just how twisted life can get. The difference for Sarah was she got out of it. It’s a beautiful story of self-realization and bravery. Read this book and remember the not so clichè, clichè- life is what you make it. And it is never set in stone.” -Jenn225

“This book made me reflect on my own story, my past relationships with men, family and friends. I know that with God NOTHING i mean NOTHING is impossible. Thank you so much for this book.” -Amazon Customer

“This book is open, honest, and unapologetic. And that’s what makes it such a great read. I couldn’t put it down! I admire the courage in this story and the positive message of overcoming obstacles and persevering no matter what. This is a must read!” -Carmella

“I purchased this book today and finished it in one afternoon. I was moved by the author’s ability to bare her soul and share her story as that is no easy task. I’m sure it was extraordinarily difficult to open herself up and share old wounds but because it was so deeply personal, it made it incredibly relateable and reflective. I found Revived to be a story of revelation and reformation and I feel all women should read this book.” -Kara

“An easy honest read about heartbreak and finding happiness. Sarah tells her story about finding herself after years of trying to be someone she wasn’t. A relateable narrative about the inner struggles we all go through at some point throughout our lives.” -Sienna

“All women need to read this book. Very honest and motivating. I couldn’t put it down. Loved every minute of it. Worth the time for sure.” -Amazon Customer


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