The word friendship is used too loosely these days. A girl can gossip behind your back or sleep with your ex and you still call her your friend. We all need that one friend though that you can share all of your dirty secrets without judgement, have a one night stand without shame, and hit the beach in Mexico knowing that when tequila makes your clothes come off there won’t be a YouTube video of you streaming the internet. That is why the term “ride or die” has become the new #relationshipgoal.

Here are 15 things only your Ride or die chick would know about you:

1. Deepest, darkest secrets.

We are talking about the things that you are afraid to share with the big man upstairs when your head hits the pillow. You know your ride or die chick knows your soul and would never question your character.

2. Most embarrassing moment.

That one time you were on your way to meet this guy you like, but you had to go to the bathroom so bad that your skirt took one for the team. So you text him, “I forgot I had dinner plans with my mom.” Your girl knows what really happened.

3. Your first time.

You had a little too much to drink at a party and slept with the guy you wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole while you were sober. Oops. Your ride or die always tells you that one doesn’t count.

4. How high your number really is.

You are not necessarily proud of how how many people are on your list, and you know your mom wouldn’t be either. But, it’s important for you to know how compatible you are, so your girl helps you make a list and check it twice.

5. Your guilty pleasure.

This one you share together. Your ride or die calls out sick with you on Tuesday so you can binge watch The Bachelor, and gossip about all of the girls, over a bottle of champagne, or two.

6. Family Drama. 

Your girl will have a gossip sesh with you so you can vent about all of the annoying things your family does. Then she’ll show up at family dinner acting like everyone’s best friend because she knows you just needed to bitch for a minute.

7. Pet peeves.

There is always that one girl in your group of friends who always has to one-up everyone else’s story. Every time she does it you want to tell her “no one cares”, and your ride or die knows that, so she finds a way to change the topic.

8. All of your Ex’s secrets.

You have respect for all of the men you have dated so you don’t go out and air their dirty laundry to the world. But your main chick, she knows about every single one of his dirty little secrets and she always reminds you of them when you need it.

9. More than your therapist.

Therapy is a place where you can be honest that is free of judgment. Let’s be honest though, there are things in your life that a therapist cannot understand. Only your ride or die really gets you.

10. When to Turn Up or turn down.

Your girl can read you better than a children’s book. She knows when you need a shoulder to cry on, and when you need to get out and hit the town for the night. She is always there for both.

11. When your clothes make you look fat.

You know your ride or die always has your best interest at heart. So when you put on that dress your mom gave you for Christmas and it has you looking like a busted can of biscuits, she is right there with the Goodwill bag.

12. No judgement for what you eat after drinking.

You are working on your figure, but you know your inner fat kid comes out after you have had a few too many. Your ride or die always reminds you that calories don’t count when you have a good buzz.

13. Why it’s his loss, not yours.

She is always going to cheer you on but she knows your worth. So, when a man is not interested in you she is going to remind you one hundred times why he isn’t good enough for you anyway.

14. How fabulous you are.

No girl is going to show up as your ride or die if she does not think you are the most amazing thing since champagne at brunch. She is yours for life and she is just as fabulous as you are.


Sarah and Samantha

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