Sarah and Samantha have had the opportunity to encourage and inspire women throughout the country through Never Be Average.

 Whether you are a business, conference, church, women’s group, or school, Sarah and Samantha would love to see how you can work together at your next event.

Sarah and Samantha have presented to both audiences large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. As presenters, they use personal real life stories, advice and humor to inspire and motivate women to overcome the things that are holding them back from living the life God designed for them. 

Their approach is real, raw, and honest. Nothing is off limits. Topics they cover include: Insecurity, self-doubt, marriages falling apart, infidelity, addiction, trauma, betrayal, low self-esteem, body image issues- as well as overcoming trauma, finding confidence, building self-worth, customizing healthy relationships and living out your purpose. Those are the things Never Be Average stands for.

If you are interested in having Sarah and Samantha serve at your event or gathering, please contact them at:

“Thank you for reminding me to invest in myself, for validating that it is okay and necessary to focus on myself without comparing what I have with what other women have. You taught me that I am in control of who and what I surround myself with; I can flourish and show the beauty that I have inside me, as long as I take care of myself first. I realized that I can appreciate the beauty in the other women as their own beings. I would hate for another girl to look at my strengths and view them as her weaknesses. I will think of your presentation any and every time I am feeling down about myself. I will share what I learned from you with my friends and family and help encourage the women in my life to encourage others as well.” -Angelica O.D.

“Thank you so much for speaking at our school. You both are truly the most inspirational and powerful women I have had the pleasure to meet. You reminded me to always be the best version of myself because everyone else is taken.” -Madison, High School Senior

“Thank you so much for the “Balancing in a White Coat” event! The setting, speakers, and service were excellent and it was unlike any other local event for optometrists. Sarah and Samantha touched on many of the important issues of women in healthcare and were inspiring and motivating speakers.” -Sarah O.D.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our school. You inspired me to take the time to focus on myself rather than worry about what others around have to think of me. Although you both have gone through difficult times you have shown that you can come out of them much stronger and wiser.” -Miriam


-Comeback Coaching with Sarah and Samantha-

Through one on one coaching, small groups and large corporate events Sarah and Samantha are helping women all over the world write their comeback story.

Sarah and Samantha helped me see the sun behind the clouds and gave me the strength to get up and make big changes in my life. These women helped me transform my mindset and gain a whole new perspective on life. It was like a penny dropped and everything suddenly made sense.  I am now furthering my career and I left a very toxic relationship. Never Be Average is so much more than a website. Sarah and Samantha are inspiring, wise women and I wouldn’t be where I am now without these woman and their strong words and advice.
Amy F.

Coaching vs. Therapy

“If you walk up to a locked fence, the therapist will help you figure out who locked it and why… the coach will help you get to the other side.” -Bruce D. Shneider, Founder of IPEC

First new coaching client session is COMPLIMENTARYYour first 30 minute session is all about discovering what is keeping you up at night. Then YOU decide if you are ready to start the greatest transformation of your life!


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Why Sarah and Samantha?

The beauty in having two coaches to mentor you at once is that you get the true yin-yang effect. Between the two of us we have fourteen years of experience. However, our experiences are completely different. Together we are a powerhouse of knowledge who will diagnose the root cause of what is holding you back, from multiple different angles, resulting in a solution that will promote lasting change.

We provide a safe place that is real, raw, and honest. We create an environment where you can come as your most vulnerable self. We let our walls down together and ignite an energy that fosters conversations that will change your life!

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Disclaimer: Sarah and Samantha are not doctors or lawyers. They cannot provide you with medical or legal advice. Sarah and Samantha use their 14 years of life experience and expertise to provide tips and advice to help you with your struggles. If you are having a medical emergency please dial 911 or contact your physician.