Here’s what I know about you: you are beautiful, unique, intelligent, talented and better yet, you are created perfectly in the image of GOD. Here’s what I also know about you, there are days that you question these things about yourself. Some days you don’t feel important, worthy or even loved. And those feelings are normal. We live in a world that sets us up for failure when it comes to believing we deserve exceptional love and admiration.   

For most of my life I didn’t understand what exceptional love looked or felt like. I pictured it to be something like it looks in the movie The Notebook. Don’t we all? And for Hollywood that is exactly what it does look like, but if you’re anything like me, that is not reality. Every time I went after The Notebook kind of love I would end up feeling disappointed. Every relationship starts with an incredible high of love and passion and then eventually reality sets in and your relationship becomes, well, normal.

So in my quest over the last decade, and the hunt to find exceptional love and admiration, I found that I just kept coming up short. Until finally, one day I didn’t. Now I’m not talking here about my husband. Yes, he is an incredible man and loves me in a way I have never experienced before, but we are human and unfortunately are incapable of giving and receiving exceptional love from one another.  No matter how hard you try, eventually at some point we all fall short. We are not designed to be the sole source of love for each other, we are meant to add to value to the one and only love that can be called exceptional.

I’m talking about the most beautiful, angelic, magnificent and glorious love we will ever experience in our lives. One that took me 31 years to even began to even experience and one that I have spent every day since realizing that I have only just touched the surface of the love and admiration it has for me. I’m talking about God’s love.

We were created to desire a higher love. One that is only attainable through God and not worldly things or even people. God created us to desire this type of love but he also gives us the choice to receive it or not. Interesting though, and one of the most important lessons that I have learned, is even if you chose not to receive it, that desire, no matter what, will always be there. You will just try to fill that desire with things or people and ultimately find yourself in a vicious cycle chasing after a void that cannot be fully fulfilled with worldly things.

I would always hear people say, “You’ll never be able to love someone fully until you love your self”. And for along time I believed that, and I still do today. The problem was that I would, like many people, put my energy into working out, reading self help books, buying new things to boost my confidence, and search for everything else under the sun all in hopes to fall more in love with myself. But eventually I would end up in the same situation, longing for something more.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to feel God’s exceptional love, that I understood that I am worthy of my own love and to be loved that way by others as well.
So if you ever wonder whether or not you are worthy of exceptional love, I’m here to tell you Sister Warrior, that you are. You are worthy of mind-blowing exceptional love!



Sarah Cline


Sarah Rusca Cline founded Never Be Average alongside her sister Samantha Rusca Messersmith. They are published authors, relationship experts, life coaches, and public speakers who are helping women around the world write their comeback story. Through their faith in God, their book Revived: Life After the Affair and their website Never Be Average they motivate, inspire, and provide tools for women to unleash the power within themselves. You can also find them places like Mind Body Green and The Good Men Project.