Last week I shared with you my journey through my pregnancy so far. It wasn’t easy, in fact, to bare my soul on the internet regarding a very controversial topic was even harder than I expected. It’s easy to talk about the morning sickness and the changes in my body- you can read all about those symptoms in every “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” article, but to actually share the daily, emotional challenge and the internal battle that has come with it, no one talks about that.

This is what I love about this though: if I had a client who was facing the same struggle I would tell her first- she is not alone, and second- we’ll get through this together. But for me, I didn’t know what to do, this time I was the client. I was so shut down, so cut off emotionally because I didn’t want to feel anything and I knew that wasn’t helping me, the people I love, or my baby. So I started writing, I wrote to you– my feelings, my emotions, and my fears- asking for my sister Warriors to show up for me.

And you did. Full force– countless phone calls, texts, emails, comments. YOU showed up for me. The abundance of love and support and “You’re not alone, I’ve been there” was incredible. The power of sisterhood went raging through the internet and everything I’ve always hoped for in helping other women was now helping me.

I have to be honest, before that post I was in a bad place. I felt lost, broken and defeated. I felt like it shouldn’t be me who was struggling, I am too strong for this. That was probably one of the biggest challenges of all. How can I be so brave and courageous in every other area of my life, but now when I am growing a child- I am weak?

It was OK because I have a tribe of amazing women who were right there ready to lift me back up.

That’s the most beautiful part in all of this. It was OK for me to be weak, it was OK for me to be vulnerable, and it was OK for me to be less than. It was OK for me to share the things I was struggling with that our society frowns upon being honest about. It was OK because I have a tribe of amazing women who were right there ready to lift me back up. To remind me why the struggle is worth the outcome. To remind me why everything I had been feeling was normal and that it would only be short-lived. To remind me that aside from what I was feeling then, this will be the greatest time of my life. I had a sisterhood of Warriors fighting for me, and because of that- I was able to get back up again.

This is really the heart of why Sarah and I started Never Be Average in the first place- because the world needs more sister Warriors looking out for each other. My experience through sharing my story last week filled me up with so much hope and inspiration, and I can proudly say I am standing back up, stronger than ever.

YOU gave me strength, courage, and fight when I needed it most. And for that, I want to say THANK YOU. This is a place for women to come as they are, no judgement and no criticism, to find support and advice. And last week, you allowed me to come as I am. I am humbled and honored to stand with such an incredible group of women, and I hope that we continue to inspire each other and grow our community even bigger.

I am excited to continue to share my journey with you, and please join me in sharing yours!





Samantha Rusca Messersmith founded Never Be Average alongside her sister Sarah Rusca Cline. They are published authors, relationship experts, life coaches, and public speakers who are helping women around the world write their comeback story. Through their faith in God, their book Revived: Life After the Affair and their website Never Be Average they motivate, inspire, and provide tools for women to unleash the power within themselves. You can also find them places like Mind Body Green and The Good Men Project.