Moments. We thrive on them, we live for them, we depend on them to fulfill our dreams. There is a moment in every person’s life when everything feels like it is finally falling into place. We become comfortable with this feeling, our fears turn into hopes, our walls turn into paths, our hearts open wide, and we allow the world into our soul. You have been waiting for this moment your whole life, and you have earned it.

We all search for the moment, the moment we find the one. The one who marks off on every box of the checklist we have been creating our whole life. He is tall, gorgeous, educated, successful, family oriented, he is everything. He is everything you have been dreaming of since the day you learned how to dream.

You’ve dreamt more times then you can remember about your future, we all have. Don’t you remember when you were sitting on your bed with your girlfriends. You would ponder, “I wonder what my future husband is doing right now?” while your friend from down the street fancies, “I wonder what job he will have,” and your longest childhood friend travels into the future, “I bet you he will be president.” We love to dream. It is one more thing we do best. You dream so big you convince yourself that your dream is a reality. There’s just one problem: when that dream becomes a reality followed quickly by disappointment you are forced to submit. You will take every measure possible to ensure everyone else in your life believes you are living the dream.

Let’s be honest with each other… this checklist becomes the most important to-do list you have ever been responsible for. You know this list, you have one. Every box comes from some point in our childhood where we learn that if our spouse has certain qualities to offer, we made the right choice. This checklist symbolizes everything society has decided our life partner is supposed to obtain in order for us to have “made it”.

It’s finally your turn. You found him, Prince Charming. He has swept you so far off of your feet that you promise yourself to never look back. As the sun begins to peek through your window you awake, you stare at the person next to you in disbelief. He is yours. You pinch your cheek, this is really happening. Your parents are through the moon, your friends constantly tell you how lucky you are, and a part of you feels pride at the thought of their jealousy. You have found your identity, you are his.

As S looks around the room and realizes that Prince Charming has left, she tries to understand who is the boy sitting right there in front of her. Only for a moment, she wants to leave too. She knows she can’t leave though, she is in too deep. As Prince Charming continues to reveal that he has been unfaithful for the last 4 years of their relationship, S watches him in awe. At this point she can no longer hear anything that is coming out of his mouth. Her emotions are frozen in time. There is too much on the line. The wedding venue is booked, there are 250 invitations in the mail, his parents just bought them a dream home. To top it off, everyone thinks S and Prince Charming are the greatest love story that has ever stepped foot on the face of this earth…

S was committed. She had convinced herself that because Prince Charming had come to her and was honest, he was still going to provide her with the life she had dreamed of. She was willing to look past it, to brush it under the rug, she was accountable to too many people at this point anyway. The show must go on.

When the curtains closed S would head back to her dressing room anxious to see her awaiting Prince Charming. She opens the door, flips on the light, and her heart drops as the chair spins around in front of the vanity.Her eyes are drawn straight to his reflection in the mirror, there sits a skeleton in a bow tie with a dozen red roses in hand.

S looks around in a panic as the dust begins to creep out from under the rug and for one quick second she hears the crowd in the theatre yell, “ENCORE!’



Sarah and Samantha