Guilt is one of the heaviest burdens you will ever carry around.

It will lock you in so tightly that you no longer believe you deserve anything better because of the mistakes you have made.

Those mistakes you made probably hurt other people, and even betrayed some. They caused disappointment, heartache, and pain. Perhaps you did something that is still haunting you, something that keeps you up at night, something that if only you could take back life would be so much better.

We waste so much time living in the “could have, should have, would have.”

What you do not realize is how much power there is in forgiveness. You may not always receive forgiveness from the one’s you have hurt which is why you carry around the guilt, but that is ok. The truth is the only person you need forgiveness from is yourself. Not forgiveness that excuses your past behaviors, the mistakes you have made, or the choice that changed everything. But, forgiving yourself knowing you are human, you know the truth, you know who you are, and you know you will never make that mistake again.

For the rest of your life you will continue to make mistakes, to make the wrong choice, to do the wrong thing. This is part of the beauty in being human. What matters most is what you do next, how do you free yourself from the mistakes you have made, how do you move on? Some of the greatest lessons you will ever learn in life will come from your mistakes.

Maybe you lied to someone who mattered most to you. Maybe you were unfaithful. Maybe you did not take a job opportunity that would have jump started your career because you let a man hold you back. Maybe you slept with too many people before you met your dream guy. Maybe you did something behind closed doors that no one actually knows about.

Sarah and Samantha have made those mistakes and we have learned from them. Throughout our journey we haven’t always been innocent, in fact, we are just as responsible for the mistakes we have made as anyone else. We have realized that our past does not define us, but owning it is necessary to be who we are today.

Your past does not have to define who you are anymore either.

Take this moment right now and really ask yourself, “what is holding me back from moving forward?” Be vulnerable, be really vulnerable with yourself. Allow yourself to feel, for your walls to drop, and for everything you have been holding in to come rushing to the surface. Let go of the excuses that justified the mistake and allow reasoning to take over and forgive yourself.



Sarah and Samantha


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