The process of falling in love is one of the most incredible feelings you will ever experience. When love makes its first appearance it is accompanied by euphoria and the entire world stops as your heart and your dreams collide into your new reality.

Suddenly you awaken into a new sense of self filled with emotions that have never faced each other before. This accelerated catapult into love has you feeling like you are on top of the world followed by a rapid eagerness for more.

There is nothing better than love. An intense devotion quickly develops that begins creating a new world for you to live in. You gain a new consciousness of infatuation, yearning, passion, admiration, and respect for another human being.

It’s not just about you anymore. Now you’re a partnership, a team, a squad composed of two people who chose each other first.

There’s one thing we know for sure about love: it’s something that only you can allow to be real. This world offers a lot of noise and distraction to keep you from your destiny, here are 5 simple ways to reassure you that this isn’t just fascination, this is love.

You show up as who you are, not who you think he wants you to be.

There is no pressure here to be someone you are not in fear of disappointing him, or even losing him. You stay strong to who you are, what you stand for, what you want, and he knows you aren’t willing to settle for anything less. He loves that about you. We are all flawed, that is the beauty in being uniquely designed and with him you come as the rawest version of you.

You love him for his overall value, not just for his perks.

For you, it’s not about what he brings to the table in terms of a checklist. It doesn’t matter what size his house is, the amount of zeros in his bank account, his ability to wine and dine you, or if he takes you on European vacations. You’re in it for the deep conversations, loyalty through the good and the bad, a partner you have fun with, and a lover who makes you want to be a better woman.

You have realistic expectations of the relationship, not idealistic ones.

You have been around for long enough to know a happy, lasting relationship doesn’t come from winning a golden ticket, and everything is not always rainbows and roses. A happy, lasting relationship is the outcome of two individuals who are willing to put in the work. Now it shouldn’t be too much work, and you know where that line is drawn, but in this relationship every ounce of energy you put in produces positive results.

You give according to his love language, not yours.

We have all heard the term, “opposites attract.” That being said there is a good chance the person you love has a different expectation of what it means and feels like to be loved than you do. You take the time to learn and understand what makes your partner feel loved and you put in the time and the effort to follow through. You do this out of appreciation for what makes your partner unique, and because well, you love him.

You live for the moment today, not for the dream tomorrow.

Whether you’re out with friends together, in the city just the two of you on a date, or watching a movie cuddled up on the couch, you are present in the moment. You believe that living each day for the next big things steals your opportunity to find happiness in what is right in front of you. You don’t want to miss one moment with him.

You chose love, not war.

There will always be disagreements and differences of opinions, but you control how you react to it. You don’t brush things under the rug because you know it will always come back to the surface and there are always consequences when it does. You communicate with him in a way that he can understand and seek opportunities to find a common ground. You understand the balance of compromise and the role it plays to each individual’s happiness with a relationship.

You love this man, and a day at war with him is a day you can never get back.

It is well known that loving someone puts you in a great state of vulnerability for loss, heartache, pain, regret, and fear. But what if the reward outweighed the risk?

Love wins.


Sarah and Samantha are relationship experts, life coaches, speakers, and founders of Never Be Average. Over the last 14 years they have experienced life changing events such as marriage, divorce, infidelity, betrayal, getting held at gunpoint, and more. They left the comfort of their corporate jobs to start Never Be Average and together they help women overcome adversity, set healthy boundaries, build confidence, fall in love with themselves, and design a life they love.


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