The Fairytale.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.  There is no greater accomplishment in the world for a woman than the show stopping wedding, the checklist husband, and the picture perfect family.

You meet him when you least expect it and he sweeps you off your feet. You feel like the only girl in his world and after six months he asks you, “will you move in?” You have been waiting for this very moment, the next step. Everyone kept asking when it would happen and now you can’t remember the last time you felt this happy.

The Reality.

There’s not enough space in the closet, you both have to get up and go to work in the morning, he eats your protein bars when he didn’t take the time to go to the grocery store, you are both exhausted when you come home from work, you feel like you are always the one who cooks dinner, and it’s your responsibility to clean up the bathroom after he shaves.

The Routine.

A simple, repetitive task that we have convinced ourselves brings us great pleasure.

You head home after a long day at work and when you get there he is sitting on the couch playing the newest version of Madden. The kitchen faucet is running, defrosting chicken for dinner. You grace him with a hello kiss as you make your way back to the bedroom to change. Your hair goes straight into a messy bun, you throw on yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, and head straight to the bathroom to wash your face. All you can think about is a big glass of wine. You head into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass as you take the chicken from the sink and start dinner.

Say hello to your new roommate. You sit down on the couch next to him after you clean the dishes from dinner. He is captivated by sports center so you pull up Facebook to pass some time until he realizes you are there and that you would like to watch something that both of you enjoy. As he stares deeply into the TV, you wonder why he doesn’t pay that much attention to you. You sigh with disappointment and tell yourself that you are too tired to think about it tonight.

You both make your way to the bedroom, he has to get up before you for work. You kiss each other good night and turn over with your backs towards each other. Your head hits the pillow and you’re grateful that tomorrow night, instead of watching sports center, you’ll be out with your girls.

Girls night out.

There is a great freedom found in time to yourself . You spend most of the time chatting with the girls about the shit at home that drives you crazy, which ironically makes you feel sane. You laugh with the girls, reminisce about old times, and enjoy a few cocktails. You go out of your way to go up to the bar to order the next round when you see an open spot next to a good looking guy. You stand next to him waiting for the bartender, a part of you hoping he notices you. He doesn’t, of course, and when you head back to the table you brush it off and raise a glass with your girls. You are so conformed to the complacency of your relationship that you don’t stop to ask yourself why you are looking for attention at the bar when your man is waiting for you at home.


Do you want to know a secret? We become so complacent in our routine that we persuade ourselves this is happiness. It’s the moments we are taken out of our routine that show us the truth.

S & S were off to Vegas for a girls trip. As usual, there would be nothing short of a good time for these two. Young S has been working hard on her body, she was looking her best yet, and she had a new found sense of confidence. She put on a tight dress and pinned up her hair, Young S wasn’t going to be average tonight. S & S hit up one of the hottest nightclubs and on their way to the dance floor a group of Aussie’s at a bachelor party invite them to their table. One of the boys pours Young S a Grey Goose and cranberry and the two head out to the dance floor. The attention is overflowing, this is an unfamiliar space for Young S, but she found herself loving every minute of it.

Are you strong enough for the truth?

Young S arrives home and her husband is waiting in the kitchen, it’s damn near midnight.

She could barely look him in the eyes, “there’s something I have to tell you…”


S & S

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