New relationships are fun, exciting, adventurous, and intriguing. Although we dream for the long hall of the perfect relationship, we feign for the high of a new one. In the beginning he seems to fulfill every box on the checklist you have been composing your whole life and you are damn sure to make sure you mark off on every one of his. The butterflies, the lust, the mystery of this person in front of you puts you in a position where you are willing to compromise your true self to conform to who you believe he wants you to be.

Do you want to know a secret? That shit gets old. At some point you both decide that you don’t want to compromise yourself any longer and all of the relationship issues begin to surface. Unfortunately, at this point you both have committed your relationship to your friends and family and they are invested in the image of perfection that you have portrayed. You make the choice to stay, you know it’s wrong, and you don’t even realize how much you are giving up. But it’s easy, and for everyone else, you stay.

This world has so many expectations of us. Some are fair and some seem obscene, yet you feel the need to fulfill all of them like you have some sort of obligation to society. It’s quite amazing how much women are willing to put up with, how far they are willing to go, and how much they are willing to sacrifice. You seem to forget so quickly the reason you were searching for the one in the first place. The one who will love you despite all of your flaws. The one who will be the only non issue in your day. The one who will forever believe in your imperfections. The one who is your safe place. The one who will stand by your side when love is not enough.

Here you sit, caught up in the perfection of the dating life as you take a look in the mirror one brisk day and you are shocked by the reflection looking back at you. In that very moment you realize this is not everything you hoped it would be, he is not everything you signed up for. You feel like the walls are closing in tightly around you, so tight that for one quick moment you forget how to breathe.

S looked around and she knew she had to make a choice. There wasn’t time for her to weigh the pros and the cons, too many people were dependent on the idea of S and Prince Charming. There was nothing S wanted more in that moment then to be strong enough to walk away. The truth, she was too weak. The pressure of friends, family, society, him… it was too strong. How could she choose her own happiness at the risk of disappointing everyone else?

Prince Charming came to her with the truth, he could change, he could still be everything she believed in.

The decorations were flawless, the flowers were blooming, sage green bows lined the end of each row in the church. Celine Dion was waiting to be played. There were only two things missing… the bride and the groom. It was just two days before the wedding and the closest friends and family of S and Prince Charming gathered to start the festivities of this holy matrimony.  All of the issues S had been brushing under the rug had surfaced and anxiety filled every single one of her veins. She knew inside that she was about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

No one knew, she was all alone, she had no other option. As she cried herself to sleep and her tears quietly graced the edge of each cheek, she knew there was only one choice. The show must go on…



Sarah and Samantha