To the addiction that almost took my life,

How do I forgive something that completely destroyed me and turned my life upside down? How do I forgive something that doesn’t care whether I live or die?

I guess I start with gratitude, because ironically, I am grateful for you, my addiction. 

Yes, you. YOU tore me down physically, emotionally, and spirituality. You broke up my family. You put me out on the streets. You almost got my daughter taken away from me. You caused me to lose jobs, friends, dignity, self-respect, joy, passion, lovers, my health, compassion, freedom, security and my sanity! 

However, I’ve learned that nothing in God’s world happens by mistake and that I had to experience all of this loss in order to find hope for my future. I forgive YOU because without you I would not truly appreciate what life has to offer. Without you I would not know the spiritual freedom I have today. I would not be open to receiving the gifts I have been given by God.

I would not know God at all.


I forgive you because you led me to finding my true self. You have shown me that every moment is precious, that every breath I take should be treated as a gift. You have made my true path in life visible. 

I forgive you because I have a true relationship with my family today, I have friends that truly care about me, and I have an amazing partner to grow with- emotionally and spiritually. 

I have my life back, a life I didn’t know existed before you. I am truly there for my daughter today. I am present in every moment and enjoying them all like they are my last. I now appreciate all life has to offer because I learned how quickly it can all be torn apart. Some say that out of darkness comes true light, and I find this to be true of you. 

I forgive you, because I am forever grateful, 

A Recovering Addict




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